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Customer loyalty program

As you probably know our normal prices are already low. But we also offer an additional discount to customers that have spent over € 250 on previous orders in our shop. This loyalty discount applies to ALL models we sell, including bargains and special offers! Your discount is valid for all your future orders.
Total value of all orders* Discount
> € 250 1%
> € 750 2%
> € 1500 3%
> € 3000 4%
> € 5000 5%
> € 7500 6%
* including shipping costs and VAT! (if applicable)

So, while other shops give you bonus points, miles, etc. that only give you a single discount of 2 or 3%, we give you a discount that grows to 6% and stays forever!

To apply for the customer loyalty discount you must have an account. Only paid orders placed under your account will be used to calculate the discount. On your account page you can see your current discount.

Your discount is strictly personal, it is not allowed to let other people use your account. If we see other people ordering under your account your discount may be removed.

The customer loyalty program is offered to our customers as a favour. No rights can be derived from it. We will have to lower your discount if you pay most orders with an expensive payment method, if you return too many models or if you cancel too many reservations.