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Are you sure you want to order a future release and you don't want to miss out? Or do you see a model in stock that you want, but you want to wait until you have more to order? Then our reservation service was made for you! This service is completely free, you only pay for the models once you are ready to place your order.

How it works

The models you reserve are subtracted from our stock, making sure other customers can't order them. This is a service we are happy to offer you. However we want to ask you to use reservations with care. If you make reservations without ordering them in the end, we will be left with too many models in stock. In that case we will limit your ability to reserve models.

Models in stock are reserved for you for 21 days. If a model is not in stock we will send you an email notification once it arrives, from that moment your reservation remains valid for 21 days. Please make sure you can receive these emails, you may want to whitelist

When your reservation is about to expire you are usually able to extend it several times. How often you can do this depends on your order history. Each extend adds 21 days to your reservation.

Side notes

New customers can't reserve for more than € 400 in total. Once you have spent over € 250 in our store you can reserve up to € 4000, and once you have spent over € 500 there is no limit any more. These limits decrease if you cancel too many reservations or orders.

We always order enough models for all customers. In the rare event we receive too few items of a certain model the oldest reservations take precedence over newer reservations. In this case we may also limit the order quantity to one per customer, and we may choose to give priority to customers with a substantial order history. But again, this is all very rare.

If you order a model that is on your reservation list it will be removed from your reservation list automatically.

Models that are not available any more can be removed from your reservation list without a penalty. Once we remove the model from our website, it will disappear from your reservation list automatically.

Sometimes prices of models may change, for example due to exchange rate fluctuations or changes in transportation costs. Or just because the manufacturer changes prices. The price you pay is the price on the moment of your order, not on the moment of the reservation.

Discounted models (bargains) cannot be reserved.