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TSU Bode Volvo FH Gl. XL 2020 refrigerated box semitrailer

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TSU Bode

Volvo FH Gl. XL 2020 refrigerated box semitrailer

NEW TYPE! This white/black Volvo gets a newly designed, wider sun visor (which is often used on show trucks, Swedish trucks or "normal" tractor units that are just a little bit more refined). The latest-generation Volvo tractor unit has now been in the fleet for almost two years, replacing a 4th generation Volvo. The refrigerated semi-trailer truck has a "normal" design. Jens Bode founded "TSU Jens Bode" in 2004 and started out as a self-propelled contractor. Ten years later, he moved from Tarnow to Bützow, where he expanded the company premises and built a new warehouse just one year later. Around 40 articulated lorries, mainly Scania and Volvo, are in use. The model is a one-off edition.
Scale:  1:87 
Dimensions: see this page
Material: plastic
Brand: Herpa Info
Nr: 317528

In stock: 1

Added to website: 2024-06-23
Brochure / announcement: March - April 2024

Our price: € 45.15
≈ $ 49.17 excl. VAT

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